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Welcome to Birdwell Enterprises


 Birdwell Enterprises produces the most  innovative muzzles you can buy, we updated the old style kennel muzzles to make them more comfortable for the dog; we made them stronger by putting a radius on the square corners and adding plastic where they were weak. Our muzzles also have a place on top to write the dog or kennel name. We only use machine rivets which are much stronger than the hand rivets others use. Our rivets are placed smooth side in to protect the dogs face. We  built a mold for stool guards and are now producing them ourselves.

 We produce our own plastic coated nylon webbing that we use to make our products. Making it ourselves allows us to keep a stock of the sizes and colors that we use and not have to rely on other companies. We sell 1/2” and 1” webbing to other companies to use in their products.

 Our muzzles, collars and all the components that are used to make them, except for the hardware are made in the U.S. We buy our hardware from a U.S. company but it is probably made overseas.

 We do not sell on the web site, we want to talk to our customers so we can make sure that they are getting the size and product that they need. We believe we give the best service in the industry and look forward to proving it to you.

 Our muzzles and stool guards are being sold in several other countries including England, Ireland and Australia.




Business Hours: Mon-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm central time.



Owners/Operators:George,Caren, and Blake Birdwell

Graham, Texas