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Welcome to Birdwell Enterprises


We offer a large assortment of kennel supplies, ranging from nail trimmers to track lures.

Track lure:

Our track lure is designed to be tough and dependable. The bag is easily replaced or removed and washed in a washing machine.


Muzzle Keeper:

Our muzzle keeper is designed to attach to any muzzle and make it almost imposible for the dog to get it off.


Racing Blanket:

We offer two syles of racing blanket, spandex and the silk type.


Nail Trimmers:

Our nail trimmers are stainless steel and very long lasting.


Feed Pans:

These stainless steel feed pans are very heavy duty.



These pens will write on our muzzles and collars and not come off, unlike a normal permanent marker. We offer two colors, black, and white.




Stool Guard:

Our stool guard easily attaches on the outside of a small muzzle, or the inside of a large muzzle. It will keep your dog from chewing on anything as well as prevent him from eating. However the dog can still drink with the stool guard installed.


Repair Kit:

If your dog finds your muzzle stash and chews them up, we can help you out.



We sale hand rivets in long and short lengths by the 100 so you don't have to buy them in bulk.




Business Hours: Mon-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm central time.



Owners/Operators:George,Caren, and Blake Birdwell

Graham, Texas